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Occupational medicals

All applicants must have a pre-appointment health check, which adheres to equal opportunities legislation and good occupational health practice. Pre-appointment health checks are carried out to:

  • Ensure that prospective staff are physically and psychologically capable of doing the work proposed, taking into account any current or previous illness.
  • Identify anyone likely to be at excess risk of developing work-related diseases from hazardous agents present in the workplace.
  • Ensure, as far as possible, that the prospective employee does not represent a risk to patients and the work is suitable and safe for them to do. All checks will take into account the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) and reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure that people can work in the NHS regardless of physical impairment or learning disabilities.

We also deal with clinical staff sharps injuries and splashes with blood or blood stained body fluids.

If you have a sharps injury you should:

  • encourage the wound to bleed (never suck the wound)
  • wash with soap and flush with plenty of water
  • cover with a waterproof dressing

For splashes with body fluid:

  • wash with soap and water
  • irrigate eyes with cold water / sterile saline


  • Report the incident IMMEDIATELY to the manager in charge of the work area (with patient’s name whose blood was involved). The manager will arrange an assessment by the doctor caring for the patient.
  • The doctor must then complete assessment form A (available below) which involves the consent and urgent testing of the source patient for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV and documenting the results on the form. This MUST be completed by the doctor within 24 hours. A copy of the assessment form will be given to you to bring to occupational health.
  • If the source patient is not known, or consent for testing cannot be obtained, contact the duty Infectious Disease Specialist Registrar.
  • As soon as possible please attend our oh Occupational Health and Wellbeing clinic for follow up bringing a copy of the completed assessment form A. (We can be contacted for advice on ext 2767 or 01223 216767)
  • You will also need to complete a QSIS form.

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