Oh are proud to support NHS staff from Cambridge University Hospitals Trust and Royal Papworth Hospital. To show our support to hard working colleagues we have adjusted our logo to incorporate the NHS Rainbow.

Free counselling service

Call: 0800 783 2808

To speak to a professional counsellor on any area of concern. Call us on 0800 783 2808 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is provided by Health Assured, our Employee Assistance Program. Health Assured offer a free confidential counselling service with unlimited use for CUH staff.   Find out more

Emotional and mental wellbeing

We have introduced a mental health pack to help guide and support you within all areas of mental wellbeing. Discover more


Health and wellbeing

We are a team dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of employees within the workplace. Discover more


Protecting in the workplace

We ensure protection of employee health at work by checking and administering necessary immunisations, carrying out health surveillance, and conducting pre-employment and occupational health checks. Discover more

Welcome to Oh Occupational Health and Wellbeing

Our mission is to improve and protect the health of your workforce.

We are the Occupational Health department for CUH as well as other organisations. We are a member of NHS Health at Work (formerly NHS Plus) and work to improve the health, safety and general wellbeing of all staff, striving to create a healthier working environment for all. Our service is provided by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and experienced clinicians, including; doctors, nurses and support staff.

We aim to prevent work-related health problems by providing: advice on complying with health and safety legislation and compliance with disability discrimination legislation (Equality Act). We offer advice and expertise to help you in reducing costs of sickness absence, lost production and prevention of work-related injuries or ill-health*.

* SOM: Occupational Health: the value proposition,
Working for a healthier tomorrow, Dame Carol Black Review and PWC: Building the case for wellbeing

High quality services

We have a range of high quality services available to you such as: fitness for work assessments, advice on sickness absence management, advice on stress management, assessment for long-term disability benefits or ill-health retirement, vaccination services, health surveillance, policy development, health promotion, training and education.



We have experience in supporting organisations within biomedical research, healthcare, higher education, local authorities, service industry, engineering, manufacturing, transport and third sectors. We are also the in-house provider for the Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust, which has a workforce of over 11,000 staff.


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