Oh are proud to support NHS staff from Cambridge University Hospitals Trust and Royal Papworth Hospital. To show our support to hard working colleagues we have adjusted our logo to incorporate the NHS Rainbow.


Adapting a WORK environment to improve Health and Wellbeing is necessary within all work places.

Adaptions such as a adapted mouse or keyboard  can help to prevent musculoskeletal issues and injuries. This can help lower cost, increase productivity and improve the wellbeing of staff.

CUH staff who are DSE users are entitled to have a free of charge eye test.

Information on how to apply for an eyesight test is contained within the Trust’s Display Screen (DSE) Procedure (DSE Policy).

In accordance with the DSE Regulations 1992 (as amended) any member of staff who is classed as a DSE user and requests an eyesight test is entitled to have one free of charge.

In order to apply for a free eyesight test, staff will need to complete the form found within the Appendix (the last page) of the DSE Policy and obtain manager approval. Once completed, this needs to be sent to the Assurance Team, Box No.172 where it will be processed. Once processed, staff will receive an eyecare voucher via email that will entitle them to a full eye examination and up to £65 towards glasses, when required solely and specifically for DSE use, at any UK Specsavers practice. The terms and conditions of the scheme are outlined in the Trust’s DSE Policy and on the vouchers themselves.

Please make sure you have completed the DSE workstation checklist first.

Managers please make sure your whole team have completed the DSE workstation checklist.

Please note staff must have a contract with CUH to be eligible for a free test. If you are not eligible please check with your employer to see whether they are willing to fund this for you.

If unsure whether you are eligible please call the Assurance Team on 274258.

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