Oh are proud to support NHS staff from Cambridge University Hospitals Trust and Royal Papworth Hospital. To show our support to hard working colleagues we have adjusted our logo to incorporate the NHS Rainbow.

Workplace Adjustments Service

CUH ambition and principles

Our ambition through providing workplace adjustments is to ensure that everyone working at CUH has the right support in place to enable them to do their job well.

We are committed to a workplace where all staff, including those living with disabilities, impairments, long term or fluctuating health conditions and those who are neurodivergent, feel they belong, are supported and can thrive in their job roles.  This includes all staff, whether substantive, fixed term, bank, trainees, apprentices or contract workers.

Our disabled staff, neurodivergent staff and staff with health conditions work in a wide range of roles across the organisation and manage a huge breadth of disabilities, impairments and health conditions.  While there is no one-size-fits all approach, this guidance sets out some key principles and processes to ensure staff can access the right support.

Identifying what workplace adjustments are required

Some individuals may know exactly what workplace adjustments they need to support them in their role, others may require assistance to identify adjustments that would be of most benefit.

This service is for physical equipment/adaptations and not for modifications to working hours or duties. These requests are managed by your Line  Manager in the first instance.

If circumstances are more complex and specialised support and guidance is required, Occupational Health will be able to provide advice via a Management Referral.

Listening to and valuing an individual’s experience of the workplace and their expertise in managing their own disabilities, impairments, health conditions or neurodivergence is vital to ensuring the more appropriate workplace adjustments can be identified and implemented. Workplace  adjustments should be discussed with the line manager in the first instance and then requested via cuh.workplaceadjustments@nhs.net.



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