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Musculoskeletal issues

Musculoskeletal conditions are a major area of expenditure for employers; within the NHS it has resulted in comprising a separate ‘programme budget’ which in 2009-10 consumed £4.76 billion (over £13 million a day).

This represents a greater spend than on neurological conditions, diabetes, infectious diseases and is equivalent to the level of expenditure on respiratory conditions. Expenditure on musculoskeletal conditions has risen rapidly in recent years and it is now the fourth highest area of NHS programme budget spends (Sourced from The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA).

Most work environments can result in employees with common musculoskeletal complaints including, back, neck, shoulder and knee pain. Physiotherapy rehabilitation can often speed up a return to normal function/ability and help people get back to work more quickly if they have been unable to work.


We have physiotherapists on our site to supply physiotherapy to staff suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. The confidential and rapid access service is provided with the aim of returning employees back to occupational fitness or the full duties of their role. Reducing staff sick days and the necessity to backfill posts with bank staff, equates to cost savings to the trust by helping staff return to work. Rehabilitating injured staff may help them to meet their performance standards for example, producing work of the quality and quantity required to provide an effective service and to specified timescales and standards.

The criteria for staff members accessing physiotherapy from us are:

  • off work with a musculoskeletal (MSK) condition
  • at risk of being off work with an MSK condition
  • unable to perform their usual duties due to a MSK condition
  • to be an employee of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust or an employee of a company that uses our services

Musculoskeletal complaints such as back, neck, shoulder and knee pain can be treated with physiotherapy rehabilitation to help speed up a return to normal function/ability and help people get back to work more quickly if they have been unable to work.

Staff members can be referred by management (download the management referral form here) or can self-refer (Download the OH Physio Self Referral Form to self refer to physiotherapy). You can send the form to us by contacting us on: add-tr.ohhelpline@nhs.net.


The examination usually consists of a discussion regarding your problem, followed by a physical examination. Please wear suitable attire i.e. shorts are helpful for assessment of a knee. Initial appointments usually last around 45 minutes and follow up appointments up to 30 minutes. People usually require one or two sessions however, more may be provided if required.

Physiotherapy Workshop

The Oh Occupational Health and Wellbeing Physiotherapy team are offering FREE workplace visits to Cambridge University Hospital Trust departments.

The session will include an 45 minute educational talk on how to avoid and treat Musculoskeletal issues. There will also be a drop in consultation session afterwards for all staff members. The consultations will consist of advice, guidance and possible pathways to treatment if needed. 

To book an Physiotherapy workshop in your department please complete the OH Physio Self Referral Form and send it to the Oh Staff Health & Wellbeing team by emailing cuh.staffhealthwellbeing@nhs.net

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